Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Writing Utensil Crisis

In every middle school that I have been in, there has always been a writing utensil crisis! The kiddos lose their writing utensils faster than they can run! I love them but geeezzz... I used to keep a stock of pencils until I bought two boxes for $30 and they were gone before 1st quarter... Then, I decided to have them write their name on the board when they took a pencil... thinking that I would have a waaay slower rate of the pencil disappearances... As scatterbrain as I am, I was forgetting their names on the board at the end of the hour more than kids were forgetting pencils! So, I decided to create my own no-disruption, easy peasy fix to this crazy mess... which how crazy is it anyway that we can get so disturbed by PENCILS!... Anyways, here's what I have done for 2 years, and I looooveee it... more than I love chocolate, which is a WHOLE LOT!

I first buy the most obnoxious bouquet of flowers that I can from the dollar tree, as well as flower tape and pens! After all, you want to deter kids from using these unless they have no other alternative.  I already had the pens. I bought the flower tape 2 years ago when I started this, and its still going strong!
I then cut the flowers so that they had about three to four inches of stem. You can do this with a handy scissors, but a wire cutter works best!
I then secured the flower to the pen with floral tape.
Like magic, I had created my flower pens for 2 dollars!
I have a little clay pot in the back of the room where they stay. If a student needs a writing utensil, without asking me (because I never want to hear that question again), they go and get a writing utensil from the back of the room... No loans for pencil boxes + no classroom disruptions over pencils =  happy teacher!

Like everything, they will be accidentally taken out of the room, stolen, lost, or damaged... However, I had ten at the beginning of the year, and I am just replacing them now in four quarter! Ten pens for $1 + One bouquet for $1 + Flower Tape for $1 = a Priceless peaceful three quarters! I tell everyone about my flower pens because they have made my life so much easier!! What kinds of things do you do in your classroom to solve the pencil crisis?

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  1. love the flower pencil idea! I've seen it in retail craft stores but never thought of using it in my classroom! I'm on it this afternoon . . . I, too, go thru pens (I require blue or black ink for lab work) like hundreds of $. Thanks so much for the idea!